Noise Regulations

Shouting, creating unreasonable sound exceeding the prescribed limit or disturbing the peace of other Estancia residents in any manner is prohibited



Fact bits:-

How loud is too loud?

The WHO guidelines for community noise recommend less than 30 A-weighted decibels (dB(A)) in bedrooms during the night for a sleep of good quality and to prevent adverse health effects from night noise


  • Adecibel” is a unit in which noise is measured. Leq is an energy mean of the noise level over a specified period. 
  • dB(A) Leq denotes the time-weighted average of the level of sound in decibels on scale A which is relatable to human hearing.
  • “A” in dB(A) Leq, denotes the frequency weighting in the measurement of noise and corresponds to frequency response characteristics of the human ear